Still Keto?

I started Keto in July of 2018 when my doctor repeatedly described me as MORBIDLY OBESE and I failed my blood pressure test for my DOT physical. She also told me I was pre-diabetic. So basically a train wreck waiting to happen. For the first 8 months I did reasonably well losing 40 pounds. ForContinue reading “Still Keto?”

How’s the Keto lifestyle going?

Hey y’all.  I weighed in today. In the last weight update I had just started Keto and was down 3 pounds from what I thought was my starting weight.  I thought I was starting out a 250 but I now believe my home scale was off by 5 pounds and I’m using 255 as myContinue reading “How’s the Keto lifestyle going?”

I can do it

I have never been the most self confident person.  In fact I’m the most insecure person I know so believing that I can succeed at anything has been hard.  But now I find myself succeeding more and more at things I do.  Here’s what I’m seeing: Budgeting:  I’ve tried to budget for many many years. Continue reading “I can do it”

Weight Loss Update

If you’ve read my blog at all you know that weight is an issue for me.  In the last blog I wrote about weight I weighed in on my home scale at 250.  My blood pressure was high and I was showing blood sugar numbers that put me in the borderline diabetic category. Two weeksContinue reading “Weight Loss Update”

What about the other stuff?

This is a blog I don’t want to write. I don’t remember what weight I started the year out at but I can tell you that I weigh more now.  My scale says 250 but my doctor’s scale says 253.8.  About the same. Anyway, I went to my annual physical for my job and wasContinue reading “What about the other stuff?”

KayCKay Book Reviews

No one ever reads the same book. We all react to the written word differently. The following are my opinions regarding the books I have read.

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