A New Season

Well, I’ll be 50 soon.  50?  Yes, 50.  I’ll soon be entering a new season of life an I’m kinda excited.

My kids are grown or almost grown.  My oldest is on his own, working and doing what needs to be done.  My middle child is overseas living his dream of being a US Marine.  My youngest, my baby, my only girl is 16 so she still needs me, a little.  So my days of Cub Scout meetings, T-ball/baseball games, cheer practice, karate tournaments, swim meets, football games, track meets and cookie booths are almost at an end.  What do I do now?

I have a lot of plans.

For one, I’m starting my own business.  I’m really excited to launch this new venture.  It’s a direct selling business of a product that I absolutely LOVE.  Tupperware.  More on that later.  Lots more. 🙂

My husband and I are making plans together to start getting ready for the day when it’s just us, again.  We are going to start tennis.  We played shortly after we were married until, because we were expecting our first bundle of joy, we quit.  Now, 20 years later, we are going to pick it up again.

To prepare for retirement we are following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  We are on baby steps #1 and #2.  That is almost a full time job in itself because we are Gazelle Intense but still have a 16 yo girl living with us.  They tend to be very expensive.

I want to join or start an online book club.  I love to read but have not had the opportunity to get into books like I used to.  I will soon have the time and love the whole idea of a book club.  I’m not sure how to go about this yet but I’ll be looking into it.  Actually it doesn’t even have to be online.

Anyway, lots of fun, exciting things are happening here and I can’t wait!

I’m a pepper . . . no more.

I went to have my DOT physical yesterday.  I passed.  All is well and I can drive a bus for another year.  If I choose.  Again the subject of another blog another day.

I almost didn’t pass.  My blood pressure was alarmingly high.  The doctor said that if he were to enter that number into the computer I wouldn’t be able to drive a bus and why aren’t you having a stroke right now.  O-O  He must have seen my deer in the headlights look because he told me to go sit down and relax for 15 minutes and come back to be retested.  I got my headphones and found some relaxing video about fish swimming in a pond in the woods and listened to soft music for 15 minutes.  It worked.  He took it again and it was lower than the “you can’t drive a bus anymore” range.  Whew!

He then said.  What is your plan to not be in this situation next year?  O-O again.  I said well, I should probably stop drinking sugary drinks.  His eyes lit up and I swear he almost did a dance.  “YES!” he said.  “Awwwwww!” I said.

You see, I’m a pepper.  I’m addicted to Dr. Pepper.  I love it.  I would marry it but I’m already married and my husband might frown on that.  Dr. Pepper makes me happy.  🙂 Now I have to stop drinking it and that makes me sad. 😦

Well, family and friends.  Grumpy Denise will be around for a few weeks.  Try not to hate me too much because at the end of this I will be back to my normal self, just with a big ole hole in my life because I miss my precious DP.  (Cue sad music, especially violins, I love violins)

It’ll be ok, right?

Be Quiet and Fish

Maddie & Tae did a song called “Shut up and Fish”  I love that song.  You should google it, it’s really cute.

I love to fish.  Just pack a lunch, hook up the boat and go to Conroe for the day.  To me that sounds like Heaven.

My dad has designed and manufactures and sells a system for jugging that is pretty awesome (He’s so smart).  They are called Mudcat Flagging Jugs.  You put out these jugs that really aren’t jugs at all then when a fish gets on them they flag.  So you put a bunch of them out and by the time you get them all out the first ones you put out have flagged and you get your fish, re-bait the hook and put it out again.  If it’s slow on the lake you sit with a pole and fish while you wait for a jug to flag.  You really couldn’t ask for a better day.

Here is what I’m talking about:  http://www.mudcatflaggingjugs.com/ Check it out!


It’s W Wednesday

So a lot of bloggers have things they do on certain days.  For instance, Moving Monday, Wine or Whine Wednesday, Taco Tuesday (oh wait, that’s something else and now I want tacos.)    Well, I’ve  wracked my brain to think of something original and couldn’t come up with anything.  Honestly though it’s hard to allocate brain space to that when I’m sitting here trying to figure out why my husband is not capable of putting a trash bag back in the can when he takes one out.  That’s a blog for another day.

Today though I wanted to write about budgeting because I feel like I struggle with this issue just as much as all the other issues I struggle with.  Anyone else out there have a hard time making and sticking with a budget? (Insert some emoji of a creature raising hand and jumping up and down.)

There are loads of places to get information on budgeting.  If you ever get on the YouTube you can find a bunch.  Chris and Jackie from Gazelleintents will give you all  the information you need about an awesome budget form in excel.  This is the one I (ahem) use monthly.  You should also check out Penniesintopearls.  She’s a whole lot peppy but very informative.

I do sit down every month and make a budget.  Usually about the time I hit save my husband calls because he has a flat and broke two or three spokes on his bike and got a hole in his pants while fixing the flat.  Then on the way to Wal-mart to buy the stuff to fix his bike and get him new pants we noticed the blinker doesn’t work on the car and the air conditioner is blowing hot air.  Oh and by the way, “Mom, I need lunch money and we are going on a field trip can you give me $100?”

Budgeting is tricky.  My husband and I have decided that Dave Ramsey is pretty smart.  We are trying to follow his teachings as best we can. You know his “Baby Steps?”  Baby Step #1 was to get a baby emergency fund of at least $1000.  We had that at one point – a long long time ago.  Oy!  Actually we are almost here again then we will be moving on to Baby Step #2 the Debt Snowball.  This scares me silly because we have a lot of debt.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although it’s hard Budgeting is a MUST. How can we reach our goals and dreams if we don’t have the money to fund them?  I for one get pretty tired of saying to my kids “No, we can’t do that we don’t have the money.”

It’s a continuing struggle but we have to keep at it.  What doesn’t kill us makes us . . .

Best laid plans . . .

It’s funny how many things I planned to get done this summer.  I always look to summer as my time of new beginnings.  Yeah, I know New Year, Clean Slate and all that.  But, Y’all, I’m a bus driver.  My year starts in August and ends in May.  June and July are just BONUS months.  Every year I plan to use these months to totally transform every part of my existence that isn’t working for me.  *sigh* Sometimes that’s a tall order.  I mean I’m gonna clean my house until it looks like a museum, lose enough weight to be a super model, sell enough Tupperware to be queen of Direct Sales.  I’m gonna do it all.  Oh, and take care of my family and throw parties.  Whew, all in two months I’m going to get ‘er . . . well you know. 🙂

So don’t get me wrong, plans are great but they do have to be realistic.  I mean how much weight can I really lose in two months healthfully?  I can probably do about 20 pounds and that’s if I’m good ALL the time.  (I’m not good all the time)  Would I like to become the Queen of Direct Sales?  Yeah.  Can that happen in two months?  I can get pretty darn close.  I’m not gonna lie with that one, it can be done.  What else?  Oh yeah, Is my house going to get clean enough to sell tickets?  No, I have two teenagers at home this summer with me.  I can, however, clean it enough so if someone were to drop in or I wanted to host my own Tupperware party I could do it without wanting to crawl under my bed.  (Really, don’t look under my bed)

I guess what I’m trying to say is . . . don’t let your plans derail your progress.  Does that make sense?  Set a goal and take tiny baby steps to work towards that goal and see where you are in the end.  If you focus on how far you have to go it may freak you out and you’ll stop.  DON’T stop.  Lose weight one day (one meal) at a time.  Clean house one room at a time.  Take your throne one party at a time.  It’s a process and it takes work but it can be done.


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