How’s the Keto lifestyle going?

Hey y’all.  I weighed in today.

In the last weight update I had just started Keto and was down 3 pounds from what I thought was my starting weight.  I thought I was starting out a 250 but I now believe my home scale was off by 5 pounds and I’m using 255 as my starting weight.  That was in July of 2018.

We are now in January of 2019 and I weigh in at 212.2.  What!  That’s down 42.8 pounds.  Amazing.  

I set up mini rewards for myself along the way and have reached one and am 2.2 pounds from reaching my second.  My first had to do with a wall that I’ve hit every time I’ve tried to lose weight.  The number 224.  I would get to that number and quit.  I don’t know why but EVERY time I dieted, be it Dr. Phil, Weight Watchers or whatever, I would get to 224 and stop.  So I set my first mini reward at 223.9.  Below 224.  I made it and (This may be TMI) but I’m going to have myself fitted for a bra.  I’ve never had one fitted for me so Hannah and I are going to get that done this month.

My second mini goal is 210.  When I hit that I’m going to get me a couple of new pair of jeans.  I hope it comes quickly because the jeans I have are starting to fall off.

One of the Biggies is when I hit Onederland.  At 199.9 I will be spending quite a bit of money on a new pair of cowboy boots.  I’ve been shopping for them for a while and I can’t believe I’m almost to the point of actually buying them.  I was hoping to get there before Rodeo but I’m not sure it will happen.  Plus we’ll be doing a lot of walking and I don’t think that will be smart with new boots.

There are so many things I could say about the Keto diet.  The most important thing is I believe it saved my life.  Plain and simple.

If you have any questions for me, put them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.  Just remember I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, I’m just a girl trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Published by livingwellgracefully

I'm a mom to 5 - 4 adults and 1 teen - who strives to live life to its fullest. I want to help as many women as I can achieve their goals and dreams.

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